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Sustained increase in electricity costs - Services Price Adjustment
As you may be aware, the world is facing an energy crisis as we have never seen before. The main reason for this volatility is the increased global demand resulting from underinvestment, geopolitical tensions and supply constraints.
Until now, we've been able to protect you from these surges in electricity pricing and covered peaks of up to 800% of our average pricing for this time of the year. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any signs of pricing going down soon, and we have concluded that we need to offset some of this cost to continue providing you with our unrivalled service.
While Norway has plenty of green hydroelectric power, we are required by the EU to export electricity to the rest of Europe, increasing our electricity costs.
We do not take this lightly, but the instability of the energy markets is beyond our control and is likely to persist for the foreseeable future. Historically Terrahost has lowered pricing or given more resources for the same price. This is the first time since our beginning in 2006 that we have raised costs for our services.
Our team has debated what model would be the fairest for all our customers. We have concluded that we will increase pricing by 10% for all active services in all regions. The change will be effective as of July 1st 2022.
As always, we will continue to deliver you the utmost exceptional service as we grow together towards a sustainable future.
If you have any questions or concerns, please create a support ticket in ENIGMA, and we will answer you to the best of our abilities.
到目前为止,我们已经能够保护您免受电价飙升的影响,并覆盖了一年中这个时候高达我们平均价格 800% 的峰值。不幸的是,似乎没有任何价格很快下降的迹象,我们得出的结论是,我们需要抵消部分成本,以继续为您提供我们无与伦比的服务。
我们对此并不掉以轻心,但能源市场的不稳定性超出了我们的控制范围,并且可能在可预见的未来持续存在。从历史上看,Terrahost 以相同的价格降低了价格或提供了更多资源。这是我们自 2006 年成立以来首次提高服务成本。
我们的团队已经讨论过哪种模型对我们所有的客户最公平。我们得出的结论是,我们将对所有地区的所有活动服务的定价提高 10%。该变更将于 2022 年 7 月 1 日生效。
如果您有任何问题或疑虑,请在 ENIGMA 中创建支持票,我们将尽我们所能为您解答。
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