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Today, we live in the digital world more than the physical world. After living for years, we know that it isn't a perfect place as it was ought to be. We lacked ownership of our identity, data and no control over our privacy. There were no rights for us and it was never given by the tech firms who built it.

Think about a world where you don't have rights for anything. Scary isn't it.

But, for good it is going to change soon. There are developers who are trying to change this situation for us.

As part of Data Privacy Week, Blockstack app developers are stepping up to show the world how to create apps that respect individual digital rights and follow #CantBeEvil principles.

Generally, these principles require that apps do not collect user data, use cookies or track users.

In short, these apps respect data privacy and enables digital rights.

Play with these apps and observe them. I'm sure you will learn to make one by yourself.

  1. Dappity (App Search) is a launchpad for your Blockstack apps. Top feature is the recall of previously used apps while respecting individual privacy. The latest update is the new search feature to find new favorites. Grand Prize Winner of the Can't Be Evil 2 Hackathon. Try Dappity here.

  2. dCrypt App (Secure Documents) is a Blockstack app that makes public-key cryptography easy. It provides a short primer in the About section with an overview on end to end encryption. Once you log in with your Blockstack ID there is a short tutorial. After you finish the tutorial, you can encrypt, decrypt and share an encrypted file. Try dCrypt.

  3. dCrypt Drop (Secure Sharing) is a Blockstack app that shares confidential and encrypted files securely between friends. Try Drop here.

  4. dCrypt Vault (Secure Storage) is a Blockstack app that keeps files securely stored online with strong encryption. Try Vault here.

  5. REBL One (Developer Tool) is an open source Blockstack app that provides an easy way to create new apps with React Blockstack. Great for developers who are handy with React. Try Rebl here.

  6. File Browser (Developer Tool) is an open source Blockstack app for developers to browse the online data files stored by their web apps during the development stage. It provides a behind-the-curtain view of the data stored in Gaia, similar to how the Storage Inspector in the web browser shows data stored locally by the apps. Try [FileBrowser] ( here.

  7. Person8 (Digital Identity) provides a digital identity for all people without a home or country such as refugees, migrants, homeless and disaster victims. Social Good award from MongoDB. Review at Person8 here.

  8. Blockquest (Game) is an old school adventure game. Play at

  9. Cant Be Evil (News) Is an interactive exploration into decentralized apps and privacy.

On this Data Privacy Week, spread awareness to a friend, family or colleague about why privacy matters. This is a collective effort and I'm sure we can build a better digital world for the future.

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