ICDSoft 虚拟主机现在不限制用途了?直接当存储都行?

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Mar 30, 2020
ICDSoft starts a new promotion to help businesses move online
We have initiated a new promotion on web hosting services. Considering the importance of web hosting for the entire business world now, we decided to lower the initial price for all new hosting accounts. We hope that this will ease up the transition of many businesses from brick-and-mortar stores and services to ecommerce solutions.
At ICDSoft we don’t place restrictions on the use of disk space. The limits are clearly defined, and you can use your web space for running a web store, hosting a remote Nextcloud instance, or just for file storage.
The promotion is also valid for new customers moving from other providers in need of a cheaper web hosting alternative. We are well prepared to handle thousands of new accounts, thanks to the recent upgrade cycle we completed in 2019.
In addition to that, customers moving from another provider can benefit from our new compensation offer, where we will compensate you for the time lost at your previous provider.
For web agencies and developers looking to explore cheaper web hosting alternatives, we can offer special bulk discounts and delayed payments. Contact us for more details if you are looking to move more than one website to our services.
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    真的假的 我两个HK的 随便存怕被封
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    zzidc 发表于 2020-4-13 15:02
    真的假的 我两个HK的 随便存怕被封
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    h20 发表于 2020-4-13 15:05
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