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Dear client,
as you've probably heard in the news, global commodity and electricity prices are skyrocketing. This is also happening in Italy and in the rest of Europe at the moment, at an exceptional, unforeseen rate that no-one could’ve predicted. The cost increase is affecting everyone in Europe, including industries such as datacenters.
At the same time IPv4 prices more than doubled in the last year and they are going to cost even more next year.
Even though our operational costs increased for several months now, those increases will not be passed on to you retroactively.
For the future anyway we need to update our current fee structure in this way:
VPS and Shared Hosting periodical fee will be increased in average by 15%
for every IPv4 assigned to VPS/Hosting/iwStack instance we will charge €1 per month in addition to the current fee.
We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
Best regards
Prometeus Team
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