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    D) High Usage Policy: Any usage by Customer that disrupts the overall performance of our server(s) is not permitted. Customer agrees to operate within the VirMach usage parameters, which are as follows:
    High CPU: Customer’s Service cannot burst to 95-100% usage for more than five (5) minutes and cannot average higher than 50% usage within any two (2) hour period. Packages advertised to include dedicated CPU, Services with the high CPU option, and any customized Service plans that include high CPU option may burst to 100% at all times.
    High Load: Customer’s Service cannot have a 15-minute load average higher than the number of full logical cores assigned and cannot have a 1-day load average higher than 70% of the number of full logical cores assigned.
    High Mail Volume: VirMach reserves the right to block port 25 on Customer’s Service. Customer cannot send more than 100 maximum e-mails per hour, and must maintain a similar average volume of mail on a week-to-week basis—no bursting permitted. VirMach reserves the right to waive this requirement for the purpose of a customized Service plan.
    High I/O: Customer’s Service cannot average more than 80 IOPS within any two (2) hour period, cannot burst above 300MB/s disk write average for more than ten (10) minutes, cannot average more than 300 write operations per second for more than 1 hour, and cannot be above 20% average utilization within any six (6) hour period.
    High Network Usage: Customer’s Service cannot have more than 50,000 conntrack sessions at any given time, and cannot use more than the allocated bandwidth. Customer understands that the network is shared and utilizing maximum network speed will not always be possible.
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    ApkB 发表于 2021-7-17 10:26
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    Ceabq 发表于 2021-7-18 01:26
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    D) High Usage Policy: Any usage by Customer that disru ...
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