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Activating CNAME setup for a domain
Review our guide that explains the benefits and limitations of a CNAME setup
Create a Cloudflare account and add your website type: embedded-entry-inline id: 6nU3w4yx07KDtc4w86GWFO
Upgrade the domain to a Business plan or higher as needed.
Contact Cloudflare Support to request allowance of a CNAME setup for a specific domain.  Mention CNAME setup for <domain> in the subject line. type: embedded-entry-inline id: 65E47V2a3rxVI8fUag6Cvh
Cloudflare Support will confirm the CNAME setup has been enabled.
A TXT record will appear in the Cloudflare DNS app under the Verification TXT Record  section.  Add the TXT record to your authoritative DNS. type: embedded-entry-inline id: 5bUYmKFntbjRC1ssxQNaUK
After a few hours, Cloudflare will have verified the TXT record and sent a confirmation email.
Provision Universal SSL for the domain.
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    通過 CNAME 使用 Cloudflare 需要升級到 Business Plan($200/month),升級後再聯絡客服啟用 CNAME 功能。
  • 楼主 lonelypers 16天前
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    删除域名重新添加的话白女票的Plesk pro就掉了
  • . 16天前
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    直接修改域名的 NS 指向原先 Cloudflare 提供的 NS 即可。Cloudflare 和 Yunjiasu 不能同時使用。
  • 楼主 lonelypers 16天前
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    . 发表于 2021-1-11 16:42
    直接修改域名的 NS 指向原先 Cloudflare 提供的 NS 即可。Cloudflare 和 Yunjiasu 不能同時使用。
    https:// ...
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