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    哦,原来是这个,构成。软件名称的主体(例如mjj优化大师)不能包含他人的商标(受权除外),但用于区分不同分支/版本的时候可以(mjj优化大师for CentOS),且有必要在包装、关于界面声明「CentOS」为 RedHat 公司的注册商标等
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    Software-related uses
    Acceptable uses
    You may use the CentOS Marks in connection with your noncommercial redistribution of (1) bit-for-bit identical copies of official CentOS releases, and (2) unmodified copies of official CentOS source packages.
    You may use the Word Mark, but not the Logos, to truthfully describe the origin of the software that you are providing but not the software itself, where what you are distributing is modified official CentOS source code or is a build compiled from modified official CentOS source code. You may say, for example: “This software is derived from the source code for the CentOS distribution.” However, you may not say that the software is CentOS.
    You may use the Word Mark to truthfully describe the relationship between your software and the CentOS software. In such a case, you may only use the Word Mark following a verb or preposition that describes the relationship. For example, you may say “MyProject package for the CentOS distribution” but you may not say “MyProject’s CentOS package.”
    You may use the ‘Powered by CentOS’ logo to truthfully state that your application runs on or uses an official CentOS release.
    You may use the CentOS Marks in themes, personas, or skins for applications to show your support for the CentOS Project, provided that the use is noncommercial and is clearly decorative, as contrasted with a use that is likely to be understood as the branding for a website or application.
    商标属于 red hat
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    有商标,是Redhat家的;构成侵权,原话为:Use of the CentOS Marks on promotional goods for sale is unacceptable uses
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