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IP刚开通 没用几分钟就被ban的 ,真难受
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    3IP 依然坚挺
  • JustBeHappy 2020-6-23
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  • 榆木 2020-6-23
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    Unfortunately, all orders with 99% discount does not have free IP change.
    Due to the latest changes in 高墙 and due to a large amount of IP changing requests, please note that we are forced to charge a small setup fee ( 5$ ) and a recurring amount ( 1.5$/mo ) for every new IP we are adding to your services. Unfortunately IP addresses are a limited resource and you are responsible of making sure that our IP addresses are not blocked.
    Please note that we have done our best to avoid this, however we came to a point where we have no option.Please also note that when using our services, you will need to ensure that you protect your IP and will not be blocked by 高墙.
    That being said, if you wish to continue with a new IP address, please follow this link https://www.onevps.com/portal/cart.php?a=add&;pid=9 and place an order. Once the invoice is paid, we will add a new IP address to your VM as a secondary interface.
    Please make sure to complete 1 request for every IP change request.
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