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AMD Navi 23 might launch in April
A graphics processor codenamed Dimgrey gets the first full specs.
Just today AMD released its Navi 22 XT GPU for the upper mid-range Radeon RX 6700 XT series, but we are already hearing details on Navi 23 and Navi 24. A known leaker @KittyYYuko (previously known as KittyCorgi) has posted the full specifications of the chip:
Cezanne Desktop APU
Dimgray Cavefish GPU
<For Premium 1080p Gaming>
~1440p < RTX 3060 < 1080p
~CNY 2,499
~32 Compute Units
~About 236 mm2
~64MB Infinity Cache
~128-bit 16Gbps GDDR6 with 8GB VRAM
— Yuko Yoshida (@KittyYYuko) March 18, 2021
The Dimgrey Cavefish is a codename used by AMD internally. It was first seen in Linux and macOS leaks. According to the tweet, the Navi 23 GPU is said to offer 32 Compute Units, which means 2048 Stream Processors, a 1/4 reduction compared to Navi 22. The chip would have a memory bus of 128-bit and offer up to 8 GB GDDR6 memory clocked at 16 Gbps. What Kitty also revealed is the 64MB size of the Infinity Cache and 236 mm2 die size, exactly 100 mm2 less than Navi 22.
AMD Navi 23 is said to offer a ‘Premium 1080p gaming’ experience, which was to be expected considering Navi 21 is for 4K gaming and Navi 22 is advertised as a perfect GPU for 1440p. Finally, Kitty also mentioned that the price target for this GPU is 2499 CNY, which is around 384 USD.
The first details on the new GPU have been shared by Igor’sLAB, back in December. The new information is that Navi 23 would launch in April. At this moment is it unclear if Navi 23 will launch under Radeon RX 6600 or RX 6500 series, but seeing 6600 XT with 192-bit bus in previous leaks, might suggest that Navi 23 will be used for the latter series. It will also be used for entry-level mobile gaming models.

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    5500冲了590 这次6500是来冲5700XT么
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